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Leaders in Pumping and Treatment Solutions

Cantwell are a market leader with over 40 years experience, knowledge and expertise in Pumping and Treatment Systems.

Our services vary extensively. We offer top quality water solutions to a broad range of sectors, from our valued local domestic and agricultural customer, to our larger municipal contracts and European industrial and commercial clients.

Our Team of qualified engineers and staff are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of our business. We specialise with the knowledge and hands-on experience we have gained within the industry.

We provide a full service package, customised to the specific needs of our customers.
Our water solutions are delivered expertly and with our commitment to first class completion. That is why Cantwell Electrical Engineering Limited have gained the recognition as leaders in our field.

With large, expediated gains achieved in processes and innovation within our industry, we are committed to maintaining and providing our expert leadership for the benefit of our customers, community and the environment.

Our Story

Cantwell Electrical Engineering Limited is a market leader with over 40 years experience, knowledge and expertise in Pumping and Treatment Control Systems.




Cantwell Electrical Engineering Limited began its journey in 1978, located where the business Headquarters still remain today at Urlingford, Co. Tipperary.

After almost 35 years in business, Cantwell Electrical Engineering invested in a reconstruction of it’s Headquarter Building. The new state-of-the-art premises was redesigned and opened in response to its expansion of services, products and customer base. The new building offered new Offices, Workshops, Staff Training Facilities and a Retail Shop – which is open to the public since then.

We are proud of our home location, situated with quick and easy access to the transport routes around Ireland.

Our hard-working team ethic has remained the core foundation of how we operate our business and how we strive to continuously achieve greater and better for the benefit of our customers, our community and our environment. This foundation has facilitated us to achieve the knowledge and expertise we have gained to deliver the best in service, product and innovation to provide  solutions Nationwide and around the world.

QWS - Quality Water Services

Our sister company Quality Water Services Ltd was founded in 2012 and supports Cantwell Electrical Engineering in providing water supply systems and solutions, as required by our customers.

QWS provides potable water to the Public & Private Sector in response to any emergency Water Outage.

In addition, they provide a complete, hygienic and reliable water supply for our Healthcare Services, Sporting Events, Festivals and Concerts.

They provide a comprehensive package of services & equipment which include:
For further information, please visit www.qualitywaterservices.ie or phone 056 8834198.

Our Team

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Simon Cantwell

Managing Director

Brendan Cantwell

Operations Director

Eamon Cantwell

Contracts Manager

Sabrina Cantwell

Sales & Transport Manager

Michael Butler

Contracts Director

Patrick Leamy

Financial Controller

James Phelan

Project Manager

Daniel Cantwell

Principal IT Consultant

John Meighan

Commercial Sales Manager