Domestic – Pumps


Surface Pumps

A surface pump is a water pump that is mounted at the surface or ground level. Surface pumps are used to draw water or waste water from a well or sump.


Borehole Pumps

We offer a full range of borehole pumps designed to extract a water supply from a well. This type of water pump is directly submerged down into the well and pulls the water up from the depths of the well to ground level and pumps it on through the distribution network of pipework required to serve your property.


Wastewater Pumps

Waste Water includes dirty water from sinks, showers and washing machines, along with toilet waste. Cantwell Electrical Engineering provide a wide range of water pumps designed specifically for waste water handling and treatment.

These include submersible effluent pumps, submersible and portable wastewater and drainage pumps as well as pumps for pumping grey wastewater and toilet waste to your septic tank system or main sewage line.


Fountain Pumps

Cantwell Electrical Engineering offer a selection of Fountain Pumps, all of which are designed with an easy to control water flow system and are ideal for Ponds and Water Features, to facilitate water circulation.


Pumping Systems

Cantwell Electrical Engineering supply and install comprehensive Water & Waste Water pumping systems for our Domestic customers.

Whatever your requirements, no matter how small or large, we will assist you in deciding upon the most suitable and energy efficient pumping system available. In addition, we provide a wide range of aftersales services tailored to suit your budget.


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