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Cantwell Electrical Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company that places quality and customer support at the core of our services.

Our control mechanisms facilitate the removal of contaminants from water and ensure the resulting water supply is environmentally safe, clean and suitable for reuse. We design and install control systems in water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants and pumping stations.

Cantwell Electrical Engineering also carries out repairs on control panels within existing plant or pumping systems, to help maximise productivity and optimise performance.


Variable and Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives are used to control Water Pumping Systems, which in turn will reduce and optimise energy consumption.

Water pumps use large amounts of electricity and often pump more water than is actually required. Variable Speed Drives help regulate water flow by running pumps at varying speeds when necessary, while more efficiently meeting your water supply demands.

Cantwell Electrical Engineering design, install and operate Variable Speed Drives across a number of industries including the Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Agricultural sectors.



Cantwell Electrical Engineering strives to help clients across all sectors identify the most effective control instruments available for the required application.

Our instruments are specifically designed to meet the needs of water and waste water treatment industries and are widely implemented nationwide to measure and control water treatment plant operations and pumping system processes.



SCADA is an electronic computer system that measures and manages water and pumping systems.

It gathers information and controls the entire water or waste water treatment plant through a Programme Logic Controller (PLC). SCADA operates from one centralised location and sends out signals instantly to alert the plant controller of any problems or issues that have arisen.

Cantwell Electrical Engineering offers SCADA systems to the Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Agricultural sectors. Our team of professional technicians are fully trained and equipped to advise and assist in the design, programming and installation of an appropriate SCADA system.



Telemetry is the process of remotely controlling water from a distance by recording particular information and transmitting the results back to the pumping station.

The use of telemetry has been widely applied to measure the level of water in remote reservoirs at any given time. Once the water in a reservoir reaches a low level, a radio link alerts the booster station to begin pumping more water in order to replenish the supplies. Updates are transmitted approximately every 10 minutes, due to the remote location of many reservoirs.

As directed by The Environmental Protection Agency, all water lines are obliged to maintain a minimum chlorine residual at all times. With Telemetry systems, it is possible to measure the level of chlorine present in the remotest part of the water line. This information is then recorded by the SCADA system or alternative data acquisition system.

With over 35 years’ experience in pumping and control systems, Cantwell Electrical Engineering is a trusted leader in the supply and installation of controls and instrumentation.


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