Events and Emergencies – Sector Overview

Cantwell’s supply Potable and Clean Water to both the Public & Private Sector in response to any emergency Water Outage. In addition, we organise in advance, a complete Water Supply for Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, Private Corporations, etc.

Using a wide range of Drinking Water equipment, such as specialist Water Tankers, towable Stainless-Steel Water Bowsers, Foldable IBC’s (with certified food-grade liners), along with comprehensive Pumping Equipment, Generators, Temporary Networks and Drinking Water Stations, we can provide alternative water supplies to any location, at any time. We also provide all-inclusive mobile Pump-station Tankers, which include a 25,000 Ltr Potable Water Tanker, a comprehensive Pumping Station, Flow Meter, Variable Speed Drive, Chlorine Dosing Unit and a powerful mobile Generator to run the unit. And our phone system is monitored 24/7 by an on-call technician so emergency water outages can be dealt with immediately.

Please contact us on 056 8834198 to organise a site visit in order to put a Water Outage Emergency Plan in place, or to discuss any upcoming events for which you require a water supply.


Please contact Cantwell Electrical Engineering for further information on
any of our Pumping products or services.