Municipal – Waste Water


Waste Water Treatment

Cantwell Electrical Engineering is a trusted provider of efficient and economical Waste Water Treatment plants and systems, servicing a variety of markets including the Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural, Domestic and Commercial sectors. Wastewater management involves a similar process for all industries; however the complexity and scale of the operations differ greatly.

In terms of larger markets such as the Industrial and Commercial sectors, wastewater management requires the installation of a substantial waste water treatment plant to process all waste where it then undergoes various treatment techniques to reduce the level of contamination. Once the waste water has been treated, it is deemed environmentally safe for disposal or reuse.

At Cantwell Electrical Engineering, we currently focus our efforts on maintaining, repairing and upgrading existing waste water treatment plants.



Cantwell Electrical Engineering provides a wide range of pumps designed specifically for waste water processing and pumping. Waste water pumps assist with the removal of solid and suspended contaminants found in commercial, industrial, domestic, municipal and agricultural waste.


Filtration and Screening

As part of our comprehensive waste water treatment management package, Cantwell Electrical Engineering offer filtration and screening services.

Screening is the first phase of waste water treatment. Before waste water is pumped into a treatment plant, large particles, solids and grit must be screened and removed, otherwise they may affect flow conditions and could potentially damage plant equipment.

Our filter screens are designed to capture and separate all such debris, along with unacceptable solids which may enter the sewage system, such as rags, stones, etc. Grinders and chalkers are also utilised to grind particles down to specific standards.



Instrumentation is required to measure waste water treatment activity. Instrumentation ensures that waste water is being processed in accordance with all health & safety, environmental and quality standards./p>

Cantwell Electrical Engineering offers a complete range of waste water instrumentation that assist in measuring various criteria such as levels of carbon dioxide, chlorine and fluorite levels.



Cantwell Electrical Engineering’s control mechanisms are implemented to measure and monitor all activities within our waste water treatment plants. These control systems facilitate the effective removal of contaminants from sewage and ensure that the subsequent water waste is compliant with all health and safety guidelines and standards.

Our control systems also carefully monitor the energy consumption of a plant. Based on the findings, we can carry out repairs and adjust variable speed drives to help achieve optimal performance.