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Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants are built to treat ground water and water flowing from a source such as a river or a lake. The purpose of the water treatment process is to remove all contaminants within the water supply in order to produce either Potable Water for public consumption or water suitable for industrial or commercial use.

With experience spanning over 35 years’, Cantwell Electrical Engineering is a market leader in the design, build, installation & maintenance of Water Treatment Plants nationwide. We are regularly involved in large scale municipal authority projects and consider the quality of our service as a core element in our approach.


Chemical Dosing

Cantwell Electrical Engineering offers Chemical Dosing solutions as part of our comprehensive water treatment products and services.

UV (Ultra Violet) Treatment destroys all impurities found in your water supply; however the effectiveness of this treatment is reduced after prolonged storage of the water. Chemical Dosing is highly efficient in killing the bacteria that may be introduced into water after it has been stored in a water tank. Sodium Hypochlorite is typically added to the water to assist with chemical dosing, while pH Correction and the addition of Hydrofluosilicic acid, are other common chemical dosing practices.


UV Treatment

Water, in its natural cycle, flows through areas and grounds of different nature before flowing into rivers and lakes, which unfortunately are sometimes polluted by industrial, agricultural or domestic waste. The quality of our drinking water is generally kept under control by the Local Authorities in charge of each area, but this does not prevent the risk of leakages and pollutants along the supply pipelines, which are often old & in need of upgrading.

If such pollution occurs, bacteria can enter our water supply and it becomes unsafe for consumption, food preparation, brushing teeth, etc. In this case, UV (Ultra Violet) Water Treatment is one of the most effective treatments available. The working principle of this comprehensive treatment is very simple and involves no chemicals.

How UV Treatment Works – The water supply to your property is passed through an initial filter system to remove any particles, before entering the UV Sterilising Filter. The Ultraviolet light is lethal to all bacteria and micro-organisms and once the water is passed through this UV chamber, the UV light destroys all impurities present.



Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate in water filtration & purification. Our RO systems are advanced compact purification units. Installation is very easy and in a domestic property, it is generally carried out in the space under the kitchen/utility sink. Using Osmotic Membranes, combined with some or all of the following; Filtration/Chlorine Removal/UV Sterilisation, our systems guarantee a supply of pure water, free from odour, chemicals and bacteriological pollutants. Water is forced at high pressure through these micro-fibre membranes and filters and all possible impurities are removed and the purified water is discharged via the RO tap at the sink.

The water produced is optimal for drinking, preparation of infant formula & foods, cooking, ice, coffee machines, washing of fruit & vegetables and so on.



Instrumentation is required to measure the water treatment process. Cantwell Electrical Engineering offers a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions that assist in measuring the water flow, pressure in the water line and chlorine and fluoride levels.



Cantwell Electrical Engineering is an ISO certified company that places quality and customer support at the core of our undertakings. Our control mechanisms are implemented to monitor and regulate all operations within a water treatment plant.

These control systems facilitate the effective removal of contaminants from water and ensure that the resulting water supply is compliant with all health and safety guidelines and standards.


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