Industrial – Mobile Water Treatment


Mobile Water Treatment Plant

As a pioneer in water treatment technology, Cantwell Electrical Engineering’s innovative Mobile Water Treatment Plant is the first of its kind in Ireland in terms of capacity and function. Our portable Water Treatment Plant is ready-to-go and can respond instantly to large scale water projects without needing to be assembled or designed specific to the project.

Our Mobile Treatment Plant has been manufactured in Italy in accordance with our specifications:

    • Built in a secure 40ft container
    • Can provide a treated water supply within an hour of arriving on site
    • Can treat up to 40,000 litres of water per hour
    • Water treatments include:
    • Iron & Manganese Removal
    • Carbon Filtration
    • UV Treatment
    • Ultra Filtration
    • pH Correction
    • Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing

Cantwell Electrical Engineering’s Mobile Water Treatment Plant sets itself apart from its competitors in that our plant is already fixed in the container and ready for immediate dispatch, unlike alternative solutions on the market that have to be built and designed for each project.

The flexibility of this plant makes it particularly effective in reacting to crises caused by adverse weather conditions such as flooding. Our Mobile Water Treatment Plant is capable of producing Potable Water for general public consumption, which can then be pumped back into a mains water network. Alternatively, it can be used to provide a dedicated water supply to vitally important buildings such as hospitals, all within a very short time frame.

We have successfully carried out mobile water treatment projects for various regional and national public events and water emergencies.


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