Events and Emergencies – Alternative Water Supply


Alternative Water Supply

Cantwell Electrical Engineering provides alternative water supplies through the use of specialised equipment that pumps water into the main utility supply without disrupting the end user.

Our sister company QWS are fully equipped to provide the necessary water tankers required for us to commence pumping. In effect, Cantwell Electrical Engineering can draw on additional resources and equipment to provide a complete portfolio of services to aid in the extraction and pumping of an alternative water source.

With the use of an advanced mobile pumping system, water tankers can draw water from various sources and transport it to our mobile pumping station. This mobile pumping station is attached to a tanker alongside a variable speed drive and other control instruments appropriate to your requirements such as a pressure sensor.

As an ISO certified company, all equipment used in the transportation, storage and pumping of an alternative water supply is of the highest quality and is compliant with all health & safety standards.

Cantwell Electrical Engineering has successfully worked on various governmental projects to provide a temporary water supply to affected regions and infrastructures like hospitals or hotels. Our services are not exclusive to emergencies and, in conjunction with QWS, we catered the 2012 Lady’s Women’s Marathon to deliver a sufficient and continuous water supply to all participants.


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