Domestic – Rain Water Harvesting



Rainwater Harvesting is the process of making rainwater available for reuse through the incorporation of a simple rainwater catchment pumping system. It is a sustainable water recycling solution involving the collection, filtration and storage of rainwater to supplement the mains supply.



Rainwater Harvesting Treatment can be broken down into three specific treatment categories:

  • Pre-Filter – Pre filtration is the first cleaning phase of rainwater. It clears the rainwater of impurities such as leaves, before it reaches the storage tank.
  • Filtration – Second stage Filtration is applied to remove sediment and other particles from the rainwater.
  • UV Treatment – The Ultraviolet light is lethal to all bacteria and micro-organisms and once the rainwater is passed through this UV chamber, the UV light destroys all impurities present.


Rainwater Harvesting is the process of recycling the rainwater that we collect from the roofs of houses and other buildings. This catchment of rainwater is directed to a water storage tank (either over-ground or below ground level) instead of flowing into the ground though gutters or down-pipes. Cantwell Electrical Engineering supply a variety of storage Tank facilities, depending on the site/location in question.

Once treated, the collected rainwater can be used as an alternative to the mains supply, by providing a water source ideal for irrigation, power washing, laundry, toilet flushing, etc.



Cantwell Electrical Engineering provides a range of Rainwater Harvesting and Treatment accessories including gauges, controls, pumps and water tank accessories.


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