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Mobile Water Treatment

As a pioneer in water treatment technology, Cantwell Electrical Engineering’s innovative Mobile Water Treatment Plant is the first of its kind in Ireland in terms of capacity and function. The plant is capable of comprehensive water treatment and is instantly ready to deploy in the event of an emergency water incident.

The flexibility of our mobile water treatment technology makes it particularly suitable in the event of water supply emergencies; however use of this portable plant is not exclusive to unforeseen events. It has also be used to aid on-going water maintenance on a site, to supplement water loss caused by line breakages and contamination and to cater to large public events that require a considerable water supply – one recent example being the use of the Plant at the Ploughing Championship in Wexford Sept 2012. Here we treated all the water supplied to the site which was required for human consumption, food preparation, beverage stalls, etc.

Our Mobile Treatment Plant has been manufactured in Italy in accordance with our specifications:

  • Built in a secure 40ft container
  • Can provide a treated water supply within an hour of arriving on site
  • Can treat up to 40,000 litres of water per hour
  • Water treatments include:
  • Iron & Manganese Removal
  • Carbon Filtration
  • UV Treatment
  • Ultra Filtration
  • pH Correction
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing

Alternative Water Supply

Cantwell Electrical Engineering provides alternative water supplies through the use of specialised equipment that is capable of pumping high volumes of Potable Water into a mains utility supply, or to any designated facility, without disrupting the end user.

Using a wide range of Water equipment, such as specialist Potable Water Tankers, comprehensive Pumping Equipment, Generators, Temporary Networks, Pipework, Stand-pipes, etc., we can provide alternative water supplies to any location, at any time. We also provide all-inclusive mobile Pumping Stations, which include a comprehensive Pumping system, Flow Meter, Variable Speed Drive, Chlorine Dosing Unit and a powerful mobile Generator to run the unit.

All equipment used in the transportation, storage and pumping of an alternative water supply is of the highest quality and is compliant with all health & safety standards.

Cantwell’s have successfully worked on various Municipal projects to provide a temporary water supply service to affected areas and infrastructures, thus ensuring the continuity of supply of Potable water to vulnerable infrastructure such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


High Volume Pumps

High Volume Pumps are most commonly used to pump out large volumes of water such as flood waters. At Cantwell Electrical Engineering, we supply 6 inch diesel pumps that are capable of pumping out 500 cubes of water per hour.

Cantwell Electrical Engineering has built up a reputation as an industry expert in the provision of pumping systems servicing the Events and Emergencies sectors. Our extensive experience, in addition to a highly skilled workforce, allows us to quickly design and provide a pumping solution most suitable to your immediate requirement.



Cantwell Electrical Engineering is a leading distributor of water treatment solutions nationwide and has built up a reputation as a trusted provider of expert and innovative solutions to the Events and Emergencies sectors. Our customer/client requirements are central to our approach and our 24/7 Response Team ensure we are available to respond to any emergency events, or ad hoc projects, instantly. Furthermore, our central location – being situated just off the M8 Dublin/Cork Motorway (approx. 1 hour from the Red Cow Roundabout and 1 hour from Jack Lynch Tunnel) means we can reach almost any location in the country within a 3 hour transit time.

Cantwell Electrical Engineering provides Generators to the Water and Waste Water management industry and also for emergency water supply services.


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