Agricultural – Waste Water Treatment


Domestic Waste Water Treatment System

Cantwell Electrical Engineering is a trusted provider of efficient and economical waste water treatment plants and systems, servicing a variety of markets including the Domestic, Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial sectors. Waste water management is the same process for all industries; however the complexity and scale of the operations differ.

Domestic waste water treatment ensures that all household sewage is properly treated in the septic tank to make it safe, clean and suitable for percolation back into the ground.


Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is a rainwater catchment process that makes our abundant supply of rainwater available for reuse. It is a sustainable water recycling solution involving the collection, filtration and storage of rainwater to supplement the mains water supply.

Treated rainwater conserves your existing water supply by providing an alternative water source suitable for most non-consumable water requirements such as irrigation, toilet flushing and power washing.


Pumps and Air Blowers

In Waste Water Treatment Plants, Air Blowers or Compressors are used to circulate large volumes of air at low pressure, which in turn keeps the necessary bacteria alive, required for the natural break-down of sewage waste within the waste water storage tank. Such bacteria are essential to aid the digestion of organic materials found in the waste.


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