Agricultural – Pumps


Surface Pumps

A surface pump is a water pump that is mounted at the surface or ground level. Surface pumps are used to draw water or waste water from a well or sump.


Borehole Pumps

We offer a full range of borehole pumps designed to extract a water supply from a well. This type of water pump is directly submerged down into the well and pulls the water up from the depths of the well to ground level and pumps it on through the distribution network of pipework required to serve your property.


Waste water Pumps

Cantwell Electrical Engineering provides a wide range of water pumps designed specifically for waste water handling and treatment. Waste Water Pumps remove contaminants found in commercial, industrial, domestic, municipal and agricultural waste, making the water less pollutant and more suitable for disposal or re-use.


Parlour Wash Down Pumps

Our extensive experience with the dairy industry and our in-depth knowledge of farming technologies enable Cantwell Electrical Engineering to understand and meet the pumping requirements of the agricultural industry.

We provide high pressure and cost-effective wash down pumps that are ideal for cleaning and parlour wash downs after milking.


Slurry Pumps

Cantwell Electrical Engineering is a trusted provider of robust, heavy duty slurry pumps to the agricultural industry.

Slurry pumps have a similar function to waste water pumps and are designed to pump slurry from parlour pits. The pumps also draw slurry from storage tanks and it is then fed into a sprinkler system for use in fields.



Accessories include all the parts and fittings that are needed for Water Pumps, such as Pressure Switches, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Tanks, Capacitors, Control Boxes, Cables, etc.

All such accessories can be bought directly from Cantwell Electrical Engineering.


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