Agricultural – Farming Systems


Milking Parlours

As a dedicated agent for all Dairymaster products, Cantwell Electrical Engineering has provided Dairy solutions to the Agricultural Sector for over 35 years. We are proud to work closely with the world leader in dairy equipment manufacturing.

At Cantwell’s, we supply & fit Dairymaster Milking Parlours that cater for farmers who wish to get the best milking system available, whilst allowing you to add automation features that fit your operation and budget. Operator and cow comfort are of paramount importance and all Dairymaster parlour designs reflect this requirement.


Feeding Equipment

Together with Dairymaster, we can provide our Agricultural Sector clients with bespoke livestock feeding solutions to suit any situation. Each system offers a precise and convenient way to feed livestock. These include; In-Parlour Automatic Feeders, Batch Feeders, Out- of-Parlour Feeders, Dry Cow Feeding Systems and the Feedmax System.

The continued growth of the Dairymaster brand worldwide and the increased demand for Dairymaster equipment is due to its popularity with farmers all over the world, who value the high performance capabilities of the equipment and its innovative features.


Milk Cooling

At Cantwell’s we are very aware of energy optimisation within the Agricultural Sector. Milk cooling can amount to 40% of farm energy requirements and with energy costs increasing dramatically, Dairymaster have designed and engineered an energy efficient and reliable milk cooling tank that is better for your milk and better for your pocket.

As a leading agent for Dairymaster, we can provide you with such a system. All cooling tanks come with a choice of control options to suit your requirements & budget.


Automatic Scrapers

All farming enterprises, from small family farms to large industrial farming facilities, are striving to adopt labour saving practices which save time and money.

One area where this can be easily achieved is with the use of an Automatic Scraper System. Through Dairymaster, Cantwell Electrical Engineering can supply our Farming Clients with a track type system which is very low maintenance and exceptionally easy to operate and control.

These scraper systems are robust, strong and efficient and can no other system can match Dairymaster in coping with these situations:

  • Outstanding flexibility.
  • Passages can be cleaned individually.
  • Odd numbers of passages can be easily accommodated.
  • Passages can be unequal in length.
  • Passages do not have to be parallel.
  • Passages can be at right angles.

The designs are very versatile and these scrapers are known for reliability and adaptability. We can provide a system to suit every yard.


Heat Detection

Accurate Heat Detection can significantly increase profits on the farm and not having accurate heat detection is costing you more money than you think. It is not possible to monitor your herd 24/7, so you need to use the available tools to ensure that all cows in heat are identified for service.

Dairymaster’s monitoring system is the ultimate management tool that offers accurate information at your fingertips. Through Dairymaster, we have installed a number of these systems for our farming clients and the feedback has been extremely positive.


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