Sister Company

Cantwell Electrical Engineering works closely with its sister company – Cantwell Quality Water Services.

Cantwell Quality Water Services supply Potable Water to both the Public & Private Sector in response to any emergency Water Outage. In addition, we organise in advance, a complete Water Supply for Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc. We can supply directly into existing water systems/mains, or we can provide a temporary-supply pumped water network.

We also provide Clean Water for the flushing of systems, washrooms, hosing down & dust suppression, fire emergency back-up, etc. Our comprehensive catalogue of services & equipment include the provision of Bulk Water Tankers, Mobile Water Pumping Stations (complete with Generator, Flow meter, Chlorine Dosing & optional UV treatment), Temporary water networks with all piping / hosing / connectors / standpipes, Drinking Water Stations, IBC’s, Water Bowsers, 10ltr Water Bags, etc.


These services are backed by the expertise of our sister company Cantwell Electrical Engineering who provides all the man-power required to operate our water supply systems. With the two companies combined, we are capable of providing a water supply to any site, regardless of location or quantity of water required.

For further information, please visit our website on or phone us on 056 8834198.