Sister Companies

Cantwell Electrical Engineering works closely with its two sister companies – Cantwell Pumping & Treatment Systems and Cantwell Quality Water Services. Each company is independent in its own right, however, the products & services provided by the three companies complement the repertoire of each and together they offer an unrivalled level of services to their ever-growing client base.  All three companies are based at our headquarters at Graigue, Urlingford, Thurles.


Cantwell Pumping & Treatment Systems

Cantwell Pumping & Treatment Systems supply Pumps & Pump Accessories, Water Treatment Solutions & Accessories and Rainwater Harvesting Systems, direct to Trade. Assisted by the expertise and extensive experience of our sister company Cantwell Electrical Engineering, we globally source superior stock at very affordable prices. This allows us to sell quality products at excellent value to our Trade clients, which in turn is generating huge volumes of repeat business. To meet this demand, we have dedicated sales staff providing a nationwide service.

For a full catalogue of our Trade products, please contact the Cantwell Pumping & Treatment Systems sales team on 056 8834198.


Cantwell Quality Water Services

Cantwell Quality Water Services supply Potable Water to both the Public & Private Sector in response to any emergency Water Outage. In addition, we organise in advance, a complete Water Supply for Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc. We can supply directly into existing water systems/mains, or we can provide a temporary-supply pumped water network.

We also provide Clean Water for the flushing of systems, washrooms, hosing down & dust suppression, fire emergency back-up, etc. Our comprehensive catalogue of services & equipment include the provision of Bulk Water Tankers, Mobile Water Pumping Stations (complete with Generator, Flow meter, Chlorine Dosing & optional UV treatment), Temporary water networks with all piping / hosing / connectors / standpipes, Drinking Water Stations, IBC’s, Water Bowsers, 10ltr Water Bags, etc.


These services are backed by the expertise of our sister company Cantwell Electrical Engineering who provides all the man-power required to operate our water supply systems. With the two companies combined, we are capable of providing a water supply to any site, regardless of location or quantity of water required.

For further information, please visit our website on or phone us on 056 8834198.